– the Tao of existential (mental) health and hygiene -

a succinct, relaxed, informal 8 part online course in regaining command of the vehicle for optimum operation.

Everyone needs it – we're all inmates in this global asylum.

Here's an introductory video that tells you more about it

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Learn and own the most, and possibly only, ultimately effective method for attaining and maintaining true sanity – contentment in every moment, clarity at every turn, deep psycho-emotional confidence and stability every step of the way.

It's easy, it's straightforward, it's airyfairy/mumbojumbo-free –

 this is the main gift and whole point of Taoist practice – 

learning how to be in command of your own mind, rather than vice versa, 

how to order your thought processes (without becoming robotic), 

how to feel and be at one with humanity and the world around, 

how to know and honor your unique way, along with all quirks and peccadilloes and in short make your madness work for you.

It turns out that this was the last training Stephen made. Curious that it was the most important thing he ever tried to teach, the dropping back method.

Take advantage of learning this unique way of being to help you deal with anything life throws at you.


Training comprises

  • 1
    The Way introduction
    • The Way introduction
    • The Way part one
    • The Way part two
    • The Way part three
    • The Way part four
    • The Way part five
    • The Way part six
    • The Way part seven

This training is fun and informal, yet delivers the greatest gift anyone can pass your way, being in full command of your mental processes and internal state at all times, so that you can actually enjoy being alive and make the most of it in every way.

I'm eager for people to take the benefit of this training now, because, aside from the individual benefit, at a time like this – not that there ever has been a time like this - the more of us in command of our own mental processes, hence able to help influence others in that way, the better it is for all of us.

And obviously if you find you're a week into the training and reckon you'll still be insane at the end of it regardless or don't like it for any other reason, you get a full refund within the first week of purchase.