Taoist Superself-Massage

The most powerful, yet simple, fast-acting, enjoyable self-massage system for your superself in the entire universe so far

Don't just love and care for yourself, though that's good, don't just heal yourself at a profound level, though this is vital, don't just set yourself up with optimized zest and life-force each day, though this is important – 

exhilarate your superself with this super-easy, super-quick to learn superself-massage sequence

to be very very healthy, very very well, highly highly energized, deeply centered, much-much relaxed, fully alert, wildly fresh, frighteningly focused and far-seeing, ...and all in just a few minutes each day!

  • Boosts cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, elimination, circulation function;
  • Rebalances all your vital organs and musculo-skeletal functions - it feels damn good and it's profoundly healing;
  • Calms, evens, smoothes your breathing - brings you back to yourself, brightens and enhances your mood and outlook;
  • Dissolves muscle and ligament tension to induce deep relaxation (no matter how busy your day or night);
  • Rebalances all your vital organs and musculo-skeletal functions - it feels damn good and it's profoundly healing;
  • Helps you be well and stay well, function well, do well, feel well and enjoy life well.


Training comprises

  • 2

    Super-self massage sequence

    • Superself-Massage 1 eye sockets

    • Superself-Massage 2 face

    • Superself-Massage 3 forehead

    • Superself-Massage 4 head

    • Superself-Massage 5 ears

    • Superself-Massage 6 shoulders

    • Superself-Massage 7 chest rubbing

    • Superself-Massage 8 chest beating

    • Superself-Massage 9 body beating

    • Superself-Massage 10 hip rubbing

    • Superself-Massage 11 side rubbing

    • Superself-Massage 12 rib stretch

    • Superself-Massage 13 harmonize liver & spleen

    • Superself-Massage 14 whole body stroke

    • Superself-Massage 15 thigh thumping

    • Superself-Massage 16 colon wobble

    • Superself-Massage 17 upper back

    • Superself-Massage 18 kidney rub

    • Superself-Massage 19 sacrum rub

    • Superself-Massage 20 back rub

    • Superself-Massage 21 arm rubbing

    • Superself-Massage finale

And if you'd like to know more, read on...

What is Taoist massage?

For starters it's not Swedish, nor any other newfangled style of rubadubdub on the market – this is hugely sophisticated and evolved – it was once the sole province of the emperor.

Taoist massage is ancient, it deploys repetitive stroking, rubbing, pulling, pushing, kneading, percussing, warming and releasing techniques to correct and adjust the inbound flow, production, circulation and regeneration of life-force or chi in your body by physically moving it.

Its one crucial element in the Taoist pantheon of healing, health-giving arts with the aim of bringing you back to yourself so healing can spontaneously occur. There are numerous ways to trigger this for yourself – qigong, the martial arts (the tai chi, the pa kua, the hsing I, the white crane, and so on), acupressure, and the meditation process of the inner alchemical system, for instance.

And [as herein inferred in case you'd not noticed] you can do it using this here ancient and remarkable Taoist system of massage.

How does the self-massage training fit with other healing methods?

It's not that Taoist self-massage in itself is the answer to everything. It's just one crucial element in the Taoist pantheon of answers, and the object is to master them all – hence why I teach them via all the online trainings we're doing. Because aside from the exponential benefits of combining them into various exotic cocktails, there are moments when pressing various selected points will do the trick of bringing you back to yourself (the primary requisite and trigger for healing to spontaneously occur), then there are times the stimulating tonifying effects of qigong will do it for you, for instance.

There are times it happens easier sitting or standing still conducting the chi internally and sinking deep in awareness of the supreme being within you – meditating. And there are times, say when noisy neighbors, the roadworks outside, the jets flying overhead, or just the tumult of your own thoughts, are disturbing you, that sitting still or moving about or pressing points is too quiet and the massage is just the right pitch and has an instant enough effect to hold you focused.