Barefoot Doctor's Self-Love Training


Undo all the negative programming, nullify the shame and self-disdain and claim your rightful and natural state of self-love in 20 days

Optimum life force requires optimum energy

Negative thinking, self-hatred, shame and guilt block your optimum flow

This intensive three week training on self love will help you to overcome negative programming and break self-limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, gifting you direct access to the full enjoyment of the adventure of life, more fulfilling relationships and the freedom to be who you really are. 

Self-love is the natural state – and it’s your birthright. 

Self-love expresses itself, or rather you express self-love by the way you speak to yourself internally, the way you conduct your internal narrative.

Lack of self-love is exactly what’s been causing you the pain, anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling lost and directionless

Leave it to fester, and negative energy will simply build and build, until you clear it away. 

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not more or less totally satisfied with who you perceive yourself to be, and how you perceive your life to be going, and aren’t accessing exhilaration simply by being alive in your body and enjoying the human experience – the natural state when you’re not running interference on your mind – then there’s training to be done.

Most people feel victims of their own minds – people are actually afraid of their own minds – RD Laing called this ‘psychophobia’. 

When you’re using the equipment properly you don’t run interference on yourself, you stop buying into the stories of others, or looking to others for direction to gauge yourself against, and you roll from your all-knowing core-self instead.

This is one way of explaining self-love 

No obligation to conform to or obey the dictates of a delusion;

The value you’d derive from this one-off relatively rapid ride called life, this greatest of all possible gifts, once you’d gained command over your own mental processes and stopped running interference on yourself -

feeling magnificent all the time. 

There is a way.

 All it takes is courage, gumption, and technique.

If you’re really ready to tackle your negative programming and thinking and stop the self-limiting patterns of behavior, then I’ll teach you how in this intensive three-week training.

This training guides you through the clearing process in the fastest, simplest, most beneficial and enjoyable way.

This is the Taoist take on self-love.

It requires a mere five to thirty minutes of your time each day to listen to an audio and/or, as appropriate, watch a short video – all with supporting text. 

Simply follow along and then work through each day’s exercise as instructed.

I’ve been working with the Taoist schema for almost fifty years and everything you’ll learn on this Self-Love Training has been developed from decades of teaching and healing, one to one or in groups.

Pay in one payment, or six monthly instalments

The training comprises

  • 1


And if you want to know more,

these are the simple, easy to follow sessions Barefoot Doctor will take you through to liberate yourself from past programming and behavior:

INTRODUCTION – releasing your intrinsic contraction so you become fully rounded.

SESSION ONE – Understand the factors that determine your experience of being you as a human

SESSION TWO – How did it all happen this way? Negative programming and its effect

SESSION THREE – The power of meta-messages on your life and your power to change them

SESSION FOUR – Understanding imprinting negative programs through mimicry and learn how to de-print these

SESSION FIVE – Understanding the death urge and how to give it a constructive rather than destructive influence

SESSION SIX – Observing your internal dialogue in order to preside over yourself

SESSION SEVEN – The real nature of shame and how to neutralize it

SESSION EIGHT – Whose voice is it anyway? Determining who’s nasty voice you’ve internalized and are mimicking to punish and limit yourself

SESSION NINE – Understanding how you believe the guilt you carry serves you and finding out how to achieve the same effect by loving yourself instead

SESSION TEN – Distinguish between the traumatized former child-self and you as you find yourself now –you’re no longer the child who was punished or belittled, hence have no further obligation to act out from the pain of that child.

SESSION ELEVEN – Reintegrating the traumatized former child-self and all the traumatized, split-off aspects of you, you left behind

SESSION TWELVE – Time management – how you order/prioritize activities depends on how you talk to and regard yourself – time is all you have, so order it in a way that nurtures you. This is not only easier on the soul but gets you performing your tasks better too.

SESSION THIRTEEN – Tempo control – the pace you go at is particular to you, so honor that and go at your own natural pace – learn how to adjust your pace to suit you.

SESSION FOURTEEN – Attitude control – your attitude to whatever you’re experiencing determines the mode you experience it in. Understanding all attitudinal options enables you to attain to the most fitting and effective attitude at all times

SESSION FIFTEEN – Self-correction correction – the way you correct your inevitable errors as you negotiate your path through the minor or major challenges of each day is mimicked from adults when you were very young. 

Understanding who you were mimicking and realizing the various available options in how to best chivvy yourself along through the day vastly increases self-love and performance

SESSION SIXTEEN – Learning/teaching yourself new skills – knowing your option of teaching through encouragement, rather than bullying will transform learning into pure joy rather than pain and will hence improve your learning skills

SESSION SEVENTEEN – So what about the guilt? What actually is it? Is it real? 

Misunderstanding guilt leads to a lifetime of self-punishment/harming. 

Stop this by seeing through the illusion of guilt and dismantle the self-punishing/harming reflex

SESSION EIGHTEEN – Find your true inner voice – discover the voice of the kindly master who loves you unconditionally and encourages you to success rather than bullies you.

SESSION NINETEEN – Accessing the physical blocks derived from unprocessed trauma, and releasing them releases the original negative-pattern psycho-emotional distort

SESSION TWENTY – Get real – be your true, beautiful authentic self, rather than waste the rest of your life pretending to be someone else in order to fit in with whatever necessarily broken version of reality your parents, teachers and various other inputters impressed on you as a vulnerable defenceless child. 

And finally give yourself a proper cuddle for being powerful and courageous enough to complete this challenging, though magnificently enjoyable training.

What Barefoot Doctor students say

“The wisdom and techniques that I have learned from ‘the wayward one’ have gifted me with profound self acceptance and a renewed sense of enjoyment and gratitude at being alive. This, for me, is a most wonderful and liberating state of affairs indeed, especially when the original factory settings were of self loathing, depression and anxiety.” Suzanne, UK

“You changed all that I do for the better… brought about self love from the perspective of self acceptance and gave me back the awareness of the real or true self something that had become somewhat submerged based on a life filled with experiences of rejection. Brightest Blessings of Love and Light Always.” Richard, USA

“The irrepressible Barefoot Doc helped me access far deeper levels of intuition, grounding, insight and deeply satisfying peace – the kind of peace that gets in your bones and stays with you through whatever madness comes your way! He is the real deal – he knows his stuff. Thank you Stephen – you have truly rocked my world :)” Helen, UK

“There is not one thing that you have taught that I have not had results with. Your gift, Sir, is our reward. Blessings returned.” Donna-Marie, Canada

“The doc’s teachings …well where to start? They have healed a sort of OCD where I would get repetitive thoughts, seldom good… a problem ,since I was 13 now sorted! More recently the techniques I’m learning have helped heal parts of my body, crucial parts I may add, and have healed relationships with ex.partner and others. I am unrecognizable to myself from two years ago and this is just start! Thank you Doc.” Paul, UK

“I have learned with you to dance with life and not against it! There will always be ups and downs in life, the trick you taught me is to NOT remain static! To enjoy irony and laughter, to accept criticism as a part of others judging themselves through me; as someone who sees his reflection in a mirror. That we are all part of a bigger system and that eternal laws go for everyone, without exception. to learn to ride the waves, since you cannot change the flow. And I could go on and on….” Sylvia, Guatemala

“Your way of describing all this wisdom makes it very easy. Thank you for your help.” Jobst, Germany

“I feel an expansion into my body, a groundedness, and I feel connected up and not alone anymore – there’s someone out there who KNOWS. Your superb wit, way with words, and sense of humour – you are always profoundly serious, yet never solemn; sometimes rude (hilariously and saucily), bur never crude… – I’ve always thought that a sense of humour is the hallmark of truest, deepest intelligence. Thank you – cheers, here’s to you, Barefoot Doctor, and Buttocks Up!" Cathy, UK

“My go-to, all-in-one, beloved mental-spiritual-physical-wholeness person for over 10 years, first via books, then via ‘net, is BD. Here, I get it all. Instantly useable, totally relatable, easy to understand and process in format, yet deep help, that slowly deepens and deepens.” Elisabeth, Austria

“Since beginning the journey and diving deep my life has changed in a dramatic way and I can say with respect and honor that this was due to brother Barefoot. If you are on the fence about anything he has to offer trust me when I tell you that he will open your eyes to a higher vibration of living beyond anything you have experienced with any other healer.” Luis, USA

“I have read lots of selfie help type things over the years and nothing, not a single thing has ever hit the spot and helped me quite like the Doc’s wise and brilliant way has , I always come back , it’s like home, happiness and peace in an instant , I will be forever grateful xxx” Chrissy

Love the earthy insight and the prescriptive style. The combination of bodywork with psychological understanding works in a way that understanding alone cannot.

Charlotte Dalrymple

The uncomfortable auto-squash of negative thinking, self-hatred, shame and/or guilt can block you from being your true self and living how you want to live;

You can’t feel the natural ground of who you are anymore;

Fear of losing things – relationships, money, peace of mind, your health and/or your sanity can serve as a lure to remaining the same, thus inhibiting change, 

Forcing you to act small, to make decisions based on fear, to play life safe and sabotage your relationship with yourself, others and the world. 

Preventing you from living in your birthright state of heaven on earth state.

People, most of the time, are deluded into imagining their minds are places, or entities in their own right

– things that have to be negotiated or controlled, and hence 

In fact the mind isn’t a place, but a highly complex series of simultaneous mental processes.

 Once you acknowledge what’s actually going on you’re then able to intervene and choose how to inform, direct, and program these processes and use the equipment properly. 

How or when did you stop loving yourself?

Babies learn by mimicry, internalizing kindly behavior that forms the benign, self-affirming voice in their internal narrative

But they also internalize and mimic the negatives too, 

and most negative patterning of the parents, or whoever’s in charge, is unlikely to result in just a one-off breach of respect. 

Repetition of the same negative stimulus encourages the mimicking tendency and is therefore compounded. 

You were lulled out of the natural state as soon as you came under the influence of your parents or whoever was in charge of you from the start – not that they were necessarily purposely malevolent, merely human, and hence inevitably flawed, and most likely unaware of transmitting their own unresolved, unacknowledged negative programing (inherited from generations of ancestors who’d all more or less subscribed to broad a set of delusional stories, whether religion-based or otherwise). Impressionable like a sponge, you were inducted into their story before you were old enough or aware of your equipment to know what was going on. And more poignantly, whenever someone in charge, discharged their own frustration, fear, confusion, or delusion onto you in a moment of stress or if you were bullied or abused to whatever extent, you experienced the trauma of injustice being done to your young, defenseless person and however subtly, you internalized and mimicked it.

And because nastiness and meanness, injustice and bullying create a much more abrasive, disturbing effect, they are perceived as louder in the head, and because to a defenseless baby, louder means more powerful, hence more important, these are the internal voices that become dominant.

This internal narrative over time makes grooves in the neural pathways, leading to compulsive tendencies, affecting connective tissue of the body, posture, breathing, relaxation levels, and organic function, which in turn fuels even more negativity in the internal narrative.

It’s not just babies, any fashion or trend you care to mention, the social memes and supermemes that rule the collective mind and determine the way the world works, all spread through mimicry.

What would life be like if you stopped the pattern of negative, self-defeating, self-limiting, self-hating, self-negating thinking and being?

Being free to enjoy a liberated, self-directed nexus of consciousness and energy, clear of the internal noise and interference, existentially and physically supple, clear and open for business, and thus serving as, or providing a channel of pure omniscience;

Can you imagine – No longer being held compulsively in thrall to fashions, trends, memes, supermemes; 

No need to gauge yourself against a false impression of how well others are doing;

Being fuelled by the natural driver of self-love, rather than bullying yourself along the road, and punishing yourself unjustly for continually inevitably falling short of your own unrealistic benchmarks.

Releasing negative patterns of thinking and behaviour can feel nigh on impossible if you’re stuck in a loop of fear, anger, struggle and lack.

Put an end to this vicious circle and start over, for at the root of all negative thinking, self-hatred, shame and guilt is a deficit of self-love.

It takes a degree of self-discipline. 

It takes willingness to experiment with altering your camera angle and lighting scheme, to allow a different, much bigger, more realistic story to evolve than the necessarily deluded, deficient, undeveloped, unhelpful Father Christmas level one you developed as a child who knew nothing but how to mimic people, who for all the good will in the world probably didn’t know their cosmological-existential asses from their elbows.