A 20-minute advanced brain entrainment technology program

*Dispel all self-doubt in a jiffy

*Muster total mental focus and clarity when the picture gets muddy or iffy

*Increase self-worth and self-esteem

*Activate the miracle you need to manifest your dream

A powerful audio+audio/visual 20-minute guided affirmation subtly hypnotic narrative set in the first person just as if you’re talking to yourself to help you reprogram your own internal narrative.

Set in the unique AMPED musical context, rousing-yet-relaxing rhythms, lush, multi-layered, cinematic electro-organic open-genre ‘house’ music.

Comprising advanced sound-frequency design to produce binaural beats and activate healing.

With an inaudible subliminal affirmation pattern.

Just use a minimum of 6 times in any 24-hour period and you’re ready for THE MIRACLE to happen (in your life).


is to prime you for THE MIRACLE

Important preparation whether you’ve already done Volumes 1 and/or 2

or if you’ve never been exposed to anything like it and you’re an AMPED first-timer.

The PRIMER triggers you into the miracle realm with a sequence of rhythmic bumps

it opens your mind to the notion of developing your miracle-performance by a series of quantum jumps.

it uses Volume 3’s same advanced sound-frequency design, subliminal scape, and lyrical narrative format

Just six (minimum) plays of this magnificent 20-minute MIRACLE PRIMER

Will prepare you for THE MIRACLE and leave you feeling like a winner

Not a doormat.


Course content

  • 1

    AMPED 3 - THE MIRACLE - PRIMER - Welcome

    • Welcome to AMPED Volume 3 - THE MIRACLE PRIMER

    • How to use the PRIMER

  • 2



    • THE MIRACLE PRIMER visualiser


    • AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER transcript pdf

Here's what people say about the Miracle Primer

5 star rating


clare Pritchard

Just what I needed. On the first listen I felt like I am really ready to receive. Can't wait to see how I feel after x 6

Just what I needed. On the first listen I felt like I am really ready to receive. Can't wait to see how I feel after x 6

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5 star rating

Amazing no words yet to describe breifly

Donna Wolfe

5 star rating


Lita Doolan

Beautiful bright shining Bobby dazzler

Beautiful bright shining Bobby dazzler

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Beyond awesome

Posted by Suzan Covington on February 28, 2019

About an hour ago I finished my first listen to The Primer!!!! A new paradigm in transformation I must say. This Amped 3 is the next level of raising human consciousness and more than deeply appreciated.

Thank you Barefoot Doctor for being so tuned into consciousness and what is needed in the world right now.  Hipp Hipp and Horay for a new way

And if you want to read more about what AMPED and the Primer can do for you, read the below

The AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER serves you as the perfect entrée to the wonderful world of AMPED and in itself is a powerful tool for stretching the parameters of your description of reality and thus expanding the scope of possibility for you in all respects. 

If you’ve bought or are buying AMPED Volume 3, THE MIRACLE, you get the MIRACLE PRIMER as a ’bonus’ to use in preparation before starting the first episode.

If you buy the AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER as a standalone and then love it so much you buy AMPED Volume 3, THE MIRACLE, you automatically get the price you paid for the MIRACLE PRIMER deducted from the cost.



The same AMPED brain-entrainment technology as used in AMPED Volumes 1,2 & 3, is used in the AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER. This is the most advanced brain-entrainment technology of its sort on the planet – in fact it’s the only brain entrainment technology of this sort on the planet, because of the unique combination of elements involved.

AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER comes as 20 minute long audio file – ideal for headphones or earpieces – to use while doing other things – traveling, doing tasks, walking, exercising, even while sleeping – PLUS a 20 minute visualizer so you can watch it on screen as you listen to increase relaxation, mind-focusing and reinforce the subliminal and topline narratives.

Six times round listening or watching over any 24 hour period is the minimum number to convey the message to the subconscious and achieve maximum results.

Press play and the AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER does it all for you, as you go about your day.

The music

Rousing yet simultaneously relaxing, these unique, ground-breaking lush cinematic open-genre electro-organic soundscapes comprise easy-to-listen-to, yet complex multi-layered rhythmic and melodic sequences with a healing sound-frequency design intrinsic, creating a dynamic based on the Taoist principles of striking a constant yet fluid, moving balance of yin-yang and the five elements – aside from which it’s engaging, entertaining, fun and makes you want to dance.

The visualizers

A collaboration of the creative talents of Teja Krasek, Spanky Pymn, and the spirit of AMPED:  hypnotic forms, patterns, shapes and motifs moving multilayered and multi-dimensionally with visual subliminals and key top-line narrative text.

AMPED visualizers soothe the eyes, focus the mind, calm the spirit and improve concentration.

Top-line guide narrative

Based on a template developed over decades originated from the shamanistic style combined with contemporary hypnotherapy road-tested and honed live over decades in clubs, and at festivals and parties in Ibiza, London, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Rome, Thailand, and all around the world, comprise an original affirmation-based narrative all delivered in the first person so it feels like you’re talking to yourself. This naturally momentarily supplants your usual internal narrative with a stream of highly efficient, succinct yet lyrical positive thinking input to entrain your brain to increase plasticity, and operate far more effectively by forging a network of new neural pathways.

Sound-frequency design

There are 5 main sets of frequencies used in various combinations in both the MIRACLE PRIMER and AMPED Volume 3, THE MIRACLE. 

In THE MIRACE PRIMER the frequency design activate the chi in the three main psycho-energetic centers or gathering points in the body – lower abdominal and kidneys, solar-plexus-and heart, and mid-and back-brain. In the AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER the design is tilted to elicit a sense of joyful anticipation for the miracle of life, and for THE MIRACLE itself.

68 hertz to rumble your root, panned to one side, offset by approximately 72 hertz or 64 hertz, depending on the key of the track, panned to the other side – the sides vary throughout each track and  as well as the effect of the root frequency the combination creates binaural beats in the midbrain to shift brainwaves mostly in a jig in and out of alpha and theta.

The same format is used with 110 hertz to activate the hunter-gatherer omni-intelligent back-brain, offset by either 102 hertz or 118 hertz approximately,

And with 300 hertz to still the forebrain and promote cellular mending, offset by either 312 hertz or 288 hertz approximately.

And with 432 hertz to activate heart-chi, offset by either 428 hertz or 438 hertz approximately.

And with 528, ‘the miracle frequency’ to activate supra-consciousness in the mid-brain

Subliminal affirmations

Eight different narratives running simultaneously each panning left-right in various sequences to produce a  moving rhythmic bouncing polyliminal sound-carpet, all but inaudible yet discernable by the subconscious, reinforce the audible top-line narrative to permit each affirmation a minimum of 81 repetitions in each piece without having to clutter the audio/visual experience.

The AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER subliminal scape consists of two of the essential staple AMPED themes which, along with a plethora of other affirmations run through all three volumes – ‘everything works to my advantage’, and – ‘it all works out, it all works out’ – and – ‘something amazing is about to happen’ – along with key affirmations from the top-line guide narrative:

I’m paying attention to the presence and power

Informing this miracle of existence

And the presence and power informing this miracle of existence is now paying proper attention to me.

I stand at the helm of the flow of events

And guide them to go in accord with my intention.

Coming now from a state of completion

I resonate with the completion aspect of existence

And everything is completed instantaneously

All my needs are met

All my needs are met

Doing nothing at all

All my needs are met.

And now I’m set

I’m ready for the miracle

To happen

AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER – normal price $33.30 – SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER $7.99 - buy AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER NOW  as a standalone experience at this humane discount and if you love it so much you then want AMPED Volume 3, THE MIRACLEyou get the $7.99 deducted from the price

WARNING: AMPED MIRACLE PRIMER is deeply relaxing and mind-focusing – if an inexperienced driver cyclist or heavy machine operator DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING, PILOTING HIGH-SPEED JET-AIRCRAFT, CYCLING OR OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY, or while engaged in any other demanding, potentially life-threatening activity – AND DON’T USE THE VISUALIZERS AT THESE TIMES.

If in doubt consult your nearest psycho-acoustics expert or electrician