Affirmation Manifesting Technology Electronically Delivered

Gain master-level manifesting power and change everything in your life for the better with A M P E D in just six weeks

And that’s no idle sales promise.

As far as I know, and obviously I’m biased, the Taoist system I’ve spent nearly 5 decades studying, practicing and teaching, is the most elegant and powerful of all.

For manifesting, for healing, for meditation, and for attaining a state of perpetual delight the Taoist system is unparalleled. 

But to get the full value it takes disciplined daily practice often for years, for example using all the trainings I’ve made.

I’m aware most people won’t do that much training, but I also want as many as possible to benefit from the magic like me. 

So, I’ve devoted pretty much all my time to creating something that does it for you.

Working with healing frequencies, multiple paraliminal subliminal and hypnotherapy/shamanic style audible rhyming affirmations, binaural beats and seriously solid original house music, I’ve learned how to effectively shortcut the process for you.

Here are a clips from the visualizers

Whether you want



perpetual delight, 



risk-taking courage, 

motivation to take action, 

or plain old peace of mind, 

just press play once a day 

(or more if you like it, which most do a lot), and A M P E D does it for you. 

That’s why A M P E D stands for affirmation manifesting procedure (electronically delivered). 

Thanks for reading, check out A M P E D, there’s nothing like it. It’ll change your life forever and you’re going to love it. 

That’s all I’m going to say for now



Six episodes, plus eBook

  • 1

    A M P E D volume 1 - introduction

  • 2

    A M P E D volume 1 episodes 1-6

    • AMPED episode 1 - change the story about people

    • Episode 1 visualization

    • Change the story about people transcript

    • Episode 2 - change the story about the world

    • Episode 2 visualizer

    • Episode 2 transcript

    • Episode 3 - change the story about yourself

    • Episode 3 visualizer

    • Episode 3 transcript

    • Episode 4 - change the story about money

    • Episode 4 visualizer

    • Episode 4 transcript

    • Episode 5 change the story about love

    • Episode 5 visualizer

    • Episode 5 - Change the story about love transcript

    • Episode 6 - change the story about life, death and the universe

    • Episode 6 - change the story about life, death and the eternal visualizer

    • Episode 6 - change the story about life, death and the eternal transcript

  • 3

    AMPED the eBook

    • AMPED eBook

What people say about AMPED

Amped unfussily and unspectacularly created a fundamental calm that allows me to proceed and make better choices without existential fear riding me hard.

My relations are more fluid, flow better, especially in crowds or groups.

Remain present and enjoy - yes. I feel more settled and thus more able to enjoy any future, no matter whether it is fun or not, so it will be fun. I do not feel optimistic as in “yeah, hey, great party coming up, looking forward to it”. Just trust my ability to make a good thing out of the coming things

Lisa Florkowski

I was generally unclear about the future. Now I have clarity.

I've become very aware of "dumb" thoughts and how I don't need to react to them and I can just let them go.

Adam Sussman

I am a retired woman living in the Spanish hills . I tended to be reclusive, a bit uncomfortable in crowds and easily irritated by people. All this is fading away. I know we are all on the same journey.

I like myself and talk away any negative thought or feelings. I feel so much lighter about events. Kinder .

I am much kinder and accepting of people, I am what I am and they are who they are.

The adventure is bright and I am joyous most of the time.

I have loved the whole thing and feel very happier and relaxed about life. The world is chaotic but I know it will all work out ... thank you for this wonderful transformation.

I have felt almost bereft to have completed the 6 elements  may well do it all over again. Wonderful, I feel renewed.

Julia Riss

At age 50 I feel I’m running out of time to be successful in life and still hoping for a quick solution to clear my debts. Small changes have happened to reduce outgoings but still in continual overdraft. What is remarkable is I’m not feeling overwhelmed by my situation which I was feeling prior to Amped

When alone in the house I would sing along and dance about a little. When listening before going to work I would find myself hearing sections in my head and singing quietly to myself whist at work. The music made me feel happy inside.

Yes, any time I started worrying about something the affirmation “everything works to my advantage, I thrive and prevail come what may, it all works out, it all works out”

Andrea Hopkinson

I was fearing a decrease of cash flow and that did not happen. In general, I feel more thankful of being here

It seems easier feeling thankful for being here, no matter what and I notice more moments of mindfulness. Moreover, I found very liberating the "you don't have to believe to affirmations" approach, over others systems that push in that direction instead.

Yes, I find easier to communicate and even when to choose to talk or to shut up.

where I am stil a bit overwhelmed I seem to see the way to get out of the fog

I appreciate the Doc's work since 1999 and I think Amped is a true gem.

David Capostagno

Life is mirroring the affirmations. My confidence has grown. My awareness and appreciation of the process it’s taking me though is clearer. Opportunities are presenting themselves. People that are aligned with my own desires and vision are appearing. It’s invited me to engage in my personal journey unlike mainstream music.

I am becoming my own inner coach in the most beautiful way.

AMPED Immersives comment

The AMPED immersive for visions is phenomenal.

Penelope MacNeil

I had high anxiety and fluctuating moods which seem to have subsided somewhat these past couple of weeks. I am still doing AMOED 2 for the first time. So perhaps I will have a different answer after I go through it all.

I am certainly able to bring myself there [the present moment] faster and easier.

Judy Kennedy

Yes, body is looser and self talk is more “in this moment I’m complete the whole universe is mine” I. No lack or limitations in my thinking, just waiting now, for the Universe to catch up / resonate at the same frequency then bang-unstoppable.

Hakikat Chaddr

AMPED has given me a more consistent flow and definitely taken me deeper and higher. I feel great and others have noticed me glowing

Audio only - really convenient as I listen to it whilst traveling or working. As I only did it this way, each session was on repeat- a powerful blast of amazement!

Been grooving! The messages come automatically now when I'm in need: fantastic

I'm calmer, much more centred & balanced. It brought up some astonishing anger early on but I recognise this as part of the process.

Definitely more vibrant. Relationships are smoother and far more positive- able to let go and transcend when required

I have far more ease and faith in the future

I have never felt such peace - being in flow is magical. I feel powerful, find joy and health in every direction. It's amazing- totally transformative.

I'd add that the system as a whole has been the most life-changing and enhancing thing I have ever done! It is beautiful and powerful in every way.  

Gill Heyworth

I found myself reciting the words along with you many times. I was usually relaxing with closed eyes while listening.

Thanks again for this amazing recording :-)

Marie Carr

“I thought AMPED Vol 1 couldn't be topped and would be the Doc's pièce de résistance - oh how wrong could I be...?!

Enter stage left, AMPED Vol 2.

The excellent original music is evidenced throughout all 6 sessions and Barefoot expertly guides your subconscious on a healing and transformational journey.

This journey has you "arriving in your body" and embodying the Taoist Principles of healing and manifesting your life's purpose.

I call this 'grounding the soul energy into the body' and it's powerful stuff!

There are opportunities aplenty to heal any ailments which are bothering you, as the Doc takes you deeper and deeper and into a healing space where the magic can happen.

In short, this/these AMPED program(s) raises your vibration and this is where the magic of your life begins to happen!
Opportunities seem to land on your lap, you reach out to others for help, or for a venture and they accept.

This has been my experience of AMPED Vol 2 and I've now been listening to both Volumes since early April on a daily basis.

One track per day is my treat and my life continues to transform and any worries seem to dissolve. When I look back to pre April, before my AMPED journey began, I can honestly say I've grown exponentially in many areas of my life:

 - my relationships have deepened and are far more loving, not least the one I have with myself.

 - I'm speaking my truth more and from a loving stance.

 - my service work is opening right out and increased opportunities to serve, which makes my heart sing!

 - I no longer worry about money and when challenges present which challenge this, I simply believe that it'll all work out and it always does.

 - I have a twinkle in my eyes these days and know at the deepest level that anything is possible for me.

 - the struggles I used to face just seem to have gone now and this is priceless to me!

I can't recommend this program highly enough! It works!
 - Barefoot Doctor is on FIRE and I'm delighted I decided to take this AMPED journey with him. THANK YOU!“

PS: In the nine months since first doing AMPED, I am far more grounded & assertive in my interactions with others, where appt. I feel more able to move forward with my goals & dreams in the main as well. Creativity also pours through me with ever greater ease & frequency!

I detach from negative thoughts more easily now & have a better inner dialogue going on inside my head. I do have an inner narrative which serves me better since using the AMPED trilogy.

Keep going Doc, you are changing the world with the FANTASTIC AMPED trilogy!!! Thank you Sir. x

Danny Greene

“I have just started the sixth and final week of AMPED 2, and I’m going to attempt to review how it has been when I hardly know where to start but I’ll try my best because it is too beautiful not to share with everyone.

This training, or is it a meditation? is so easy to do. I work and look after two children, so free time is a challenge but I did manage to listen to each track as prescribed, once daily for 7 days then on to the next one, sometimes quietly as a meditation but more often while doing something else like laundry or cooking or walking the dog. It works regardless. The music is wonderful by itself and the affirmations spoken by Barefoot Doctor lift your heart and sometimes just made me laugh like a little kid. By the end of every week I felt like my frequencies had been adjusted to a new, higher level with far more clarity and less interference, and i still don’t completely know how.

That said, be ready for it- I’ve experienced all the emotions at some point in the previous weeks.

Typically at some point on the first three listens of the new week I’d be moved to tears, or feel anger rising, or some vague discomfort which I assume to be old patterns or beliefs finally letting go. But whatever feelings arose there was always a background reassurance - everything is just fine, it’s all working out - and so I never felt overwhelmed. 

When I began Amped 2 I was in the wake of a big life change that left me with many anxieties and practical worries. I experienced change and loss in friendships, wealth, security, love and confidence. I thought it would take me a year or more to recover.  However, the most wonderful little miracles and synchronicities are already appearing - unexpected peaceful resolutions and helpful people out of nowhere. I’ve had courage and opportunity to do things I didn’t imagine I could even two months ago. And I genuinely feel like this is only the start.”

Claudia B

"It's astounding... the expanse of it, how you have captured in the sonic panoramic, the enormity, the huge power of the Tao. Was like, ah I recognise this place... and only a well seasoned traveller could have musically mapped the territory so exquisitely, so you're fully transported slap bang in the expansive potential... utterly wonderful.

Instead of the fitful, nightmare riddled sleep of this last a'while - slept like a babe in arms, which I guess I was, cradled in the big Momma... with beautiful cinematic dreams.

Awe at your mastery of inspiration translation and creation.

A thousand and one hands clapping in appreciation."

Victoria Parsons

The last few days I’ve been listening to Strauss waltzes – “home music,” happiness music for me. My mother probably listened to Strauss when she was pregnant with me. I think for the next few days I will be listening to this. Lots of fun. I love lots of money, pots of money, love the beat. Strauss made lots of money, pots of money. Time for fun with the predilection for lots of money, pots of money. 


What if I fall asleep while listening, is it still effective? 

HI Ed, good question and something I need to emphasise – falling asleep with it it works even better for not having any external distractions and makes you have brilliant dreams – I know this from working late into the night on it, using headphones and finding myself waking up at the end having had the most amazing adventures in my dreams and a sense my subconscious was assimilating the message in a slightly different extra-dimensional sort of way – so yes sleep as much as you feel like while listening – I won’t be offended in the slightest – to the contrary, I’m happy that despite the rhythm and energy it’s soothing enough on the ears and nerves to be able to

5 star rating


Andrea Hopkinson

If I haven’t listened to amped for a few days and something has disturbed my equilibrium I hear a section of amped in my mind which retunes me back to peace....

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If I haven’t listened to amped for a few days and something has disturbed my equilibrium I hear a section of amped in my mind which retunes me back to peace. Last week I glimpsed someone negative energy come from their hand and managed to skip around it. The more I listen the better life gets. astonishing Doc, I can’t thank you enough.xx A

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5 star rating

No words - so good

Elisabeth Florkowski

It truly quietens the noise of all the voices in the brain, and leaves a message of goodness at such a deep level, there are no words. It nearly worries me ...

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It truly quietens the noise of all the voices in the brain, and leaves a message of goodness at such a deep level, there are no words. It nearly worries me (I am very good at worrying!) how easy it is. Just listen and it all happens. Can it be real? As it sticks since I first started it on publication, with relatively few re-listens, once the 6-8 weeks were done, it must be real. Wow!

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AMPED - Affirmation Manifesting Technology Electronically Delivered

deeply relaxing, healing sound bath washing over you and meticulously crafted affirmations sinking deep into your psyche The AMPED experience combine soothing, healing frequencies with positive, efficacious, life enhancing affirmations and succinct subliminals for serious subconscious shift - carefully crafted components which give rise to that mysterious synergy that speaks to and resonates with the realm of the soul.